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Windows NT SP3 and 98 Client SAMBA Problem Page

So; you have been a good person, and applied the Windows NT Service Pack 3 and now you can no longer connect to your SAMBA server.
The account is not authorized to login from this station
... and that's all you get now...

How to fix it Microsofts (and the easy) way...

Well, Microsoft have decided that it will now ONLY send the password to the SMB server (SAMBA in our case) in encrypted form. Unfortunately, SAMBA wants to see the password in plain text format. Fortunately, they did provide a fix for this, but you will have to modify your registry on NT to get around the problem.

From the README.TXT that comes with NT Service Pack 3:

3.6 Unencrypted Passwords No Longer Sent by Default
Connecting to SMB servers (such as Samba and LAN Manager for UNIX)
with an unencrypted (plain text) password fails after upgrading to
Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3. This is because the SMB redirector
in Service Pack 3 handles unencrypted passwords differently than
previous versions of Windows NT. Beginning with Service Pack 3, the
SMB redirector will not send an unencrypted password unless you add
a registry entry to enable unencrypted passwords. For information
on how to modify the registry, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base
at for the following article: Q166730.
This article also contains information on how to change the
Service Pack setup process so that unencrypted passwords are
enabled after the Service Pack is installed.

Everything you need to know as to how to fix this evil little problem is described in their document called With Unencrypted Password SP3 Fails to Connect to SMB Server .

Update for Windows 98

On the Windows 98 CD under \tools\mtsutil there is a file called "Ptxt_on.inf". Right mouse click on it and choose install. Reboot your box, and you should be good to go!

Thanks to Oscar Miranda for this hint.

How to fix it the right way

With later releases of SAMBA, there is a file called docs/ENCRYPTION.txt that explains how to get SAMBA to work with the encrypted passwords. I have done this and it works fine. Click here to download the latest version of SAMBA if you have to re-install it. In older versions you had to also download the libdes libraries, but this is no longer needed acoring to the docs/ENCRYPTION.txt file. Just remember to use the "encrypt passwords = yes" in the [global] section.

The Results

I have now got things working again after my installation of SP3, but not as well as it was before. Before SP3 I was prompted for my password on the SAMBA server just the once for my 4 mounts; but now it asks for the password for each mount.

Fixed: a bit...

I have been running a Netware 32 Client (for my Novell mounts here at work) and found that if the NT name of my PC is the same as my Netware logon id, then I had this problem. Now I am prompted only the once for my SAMBA password (even though it IS the same as my Netware password.

I also found that by changing the name of the PC to be different to my Netware login name, I also got rid of those banner pages on my Netware printouts that I was previously unable to remove.

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